Set in the beautiful Blue Mountains region, the Leuralla Toy and Railway Museum provided Mt Druitt Community Centre client Bryan with a step back in time to see historic railway equipment and the beloved toys of yesteryear.

Bryan receives one-to-one support to get out into the community. He likes to explore places that he hasn’t visited before and participate in activities that help him to learn more about the world around him.

Bryan is interested in trains and toys, so staff at Mt Druitt Community Centre suggested a trip to the Leuralla Toy & Railway Museum. The museum is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest collection of toys, trains and associated memorabilia.

When he arrived, Bryan was supported to purchase his ticket at the front desk. Then he was greeted with vast displays of heritage toys that spanned several decades.

Bryan admired the many and varied toys on display. He caught a glimpse of rare Tin Tin toys. He saw model boats and trains and more. The museum is also Australia’s largest Barbie museum!

Walking around the grounds, Bryan saw the old-style benches that used to be at train stations. He also saw how the conductors would manually set the time of the trains arriving using wooden clock faces. Bryan and his lifestyle assistant chatted about how train travellers can now check the time of their next train on the digital boards at the train station. they also talked about how much the world has changed, thanks to technology.

One-to-one support allows individuals to feel comfortable in expressing their feelings and accessing the community at their own pace.

At Afford, staff work in partnership with individuals and their families to understand their interests, what they like, and what their goals are in life. With this information, staff can suggest activities to help develop communication and social skills and provide opportunities to put these skills into practice in the community.

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