It’s certainly starting to look a lot like summer for Redlands Lifestyle Centre customers Angela, Shane and Emily, who recently headed out to Flagstone Recreation Park for some play and fun in the water and sun.

Afford supports individuals to enjoy community access by organising day trips and outings that suit the interests of individuals.

Angela, Shane and Emily enjoy getting out and meeting people and don’t miss an opportunity to cool down in the water on a warm day.

With a range of adventurous activities to choose from, customers were supported by lifestyle assistants to slide down the slide and climbing equipment. In the wet areas, it was fun to anticipate when the water features would splash down from above or take time to dabble in the water fountains dotted around the waterpark.

“Community access provides many opportunities for individuals to engage with others and develop their social skills. Waiting in line to go on equipment or communicating their feelings or needs is all part of developing skills for life,” said Meagan Bartczak, Team Leader at Redlands Lifestyle Centre.

Find out more about enjoying community access as part of an Afford Lifestyle Centre in Queensland.

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