Affordians from Campbelltown Community Centre are certainly embracing summer with their much-loved swimming program up and running for a new year!

Cooling water fountains, pools and slides are just some of the many things clients can enjoy two days a week during the program.

The swimming program provides a whole host of opportunities to learn, have fun and socialise. Clients learn about water safety and vital swimming skills they can use in everyday life when they visit the pool, beach or waterside.

The swimming program is also a social experience. With the water splashing overhead from the oversized bucket at the water park, clients forget any worries and barriers to mingle with their friends and share good times in the water.

During their recent visit to the water park, Connor had loads of fun spraying everyone with water from the tower. He waited for the oversized bucket filled with water to spill over and tip down on everyone on the ground.

Roslyn and Fatmah stood under the showers, letting the water pool in their hands and then trickle through their fingers.

The swimming program will help clients of all abilities develop their confidence in the water. Living in Australia where we have an abundance of beautiful beaches and waterways at our doorstep, swimming is an important skill that should be encouraged and nurtured.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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