Jordan was as happy as a clam to spend her last day at Beenleigh Community Centre taking a trip to Seaworld Marine Park on the Gold Coast.

Jordan took this opportunity to celebrate all the goals she has achieved during her time at Beenleigh and make some final memories with her lifestyle assistant, before transferring to Caboolture Community Centre.

Afford Community Centres give our clients every opportunity to celebrate the milestones in their lives and make every day a new adventure.

“It was a bittersweet day as it was a special trip for Jordan, but we both got a little bit teary towards the end when mum picked her up. They were leaving that afternoon, so this was our last trip together,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Charity Kim.

The day out demonstrated just how much confidence Jordan has gained since joining Afford and accessing the community.

“When I first met Jordan, she would always wear her headphones when she was outside community centre. They were her comfort zone, but the whole day out at Seaworld, where there was a lot of sights and sounds, she didn’t need to use her headphones once,” continued Charity.

A highlight of the day was the jellyfish exhibition, where Jordan was entranced by the sea creatures illuminated colours and soothing movements. She also really loved the dolphin show and thought it was fin-tastic.

“When the performer asked for an audience member to volunteer during the show, Jordan was trying hard to get chosen. She was giggling so much and had a lot of confidence all day,” said Charity.

We cannot wait to hear what Jordan achieves next once she settles in at Caboolture Community Centre.

If you are ready to start living your best life and having memorable adventures, learn more about the Afford Community Centres near you.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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