Clients from three of Afford’s Queensland Community Centres, Beenleigh, Southport and Miami, lived out their sporting dreams with a private tour of the Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast.

Seating 25,000 people, the massive venue is home to the Gold Coast SUNS Australian Rules Football Club, which had the clients (and their lifestyle assistants) excited about the day.

“One of the main highlights of the day was the little gala we had on the training field. The clients were able to kick the footballs around on the same grass as the pro’s, and it was great to watch everyone giving it a go,” said Lifestyle Assistant Leticha, Beenleigh Community Centre.

The tour also took the clients through the VIP areas, typically off-limits for general visitors to the stadium. In addition, they viewed the corporate box, the changerooms and grandstands.

“There was also quite a buzz from the clients because three hubs were together. We generally only link up for Club Afford on the weekends, so that was a bit different too,” said Leticha.

The idea to tour the Metricon was suggested by Southport Lifestyle Assistant, Jarryd, who got in touch with contacts at the stadium and set up the event.

“I just wanted to do something special and seeing everyone’s enjoyment on the day was extremely rewarding. They got to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to go onto the stadium field and see the changerooms up close,” said Jarryd.

Southport Lifestyle Assistant, Sophie Loving saw the day as a huge success and was impressed.

“From the get-go, we were greeted well and the people at the stadium looked after us. It was such a great day and everyone loved it,” said Sophie.

Afford’s Community Centres pride themselves on organising unique experiences so clients can reach their full potential and do the things they may have never imagined they would get the chance to do.

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