Riding a bike can be exciting, liberating and  provides an opportunity to have fun through exercise.

To promote healthy living and exercise, the team at Jamisontown Community Centre in NSW, decided to get a trike for clients to use on-site.

The three-wheeler trike and helmets were ready and waiting for everyone as they returned to site after the Christmas and New Year break.

“Everyone was so excited to see the trike. We started talking about how the trike looks a little different with three wheels instead of two and all the things we can put in the large basket at the back,” said Leonie, Team Leader at Jamisontown Community Centre.

The bike program is now part of the on-site programs at Jamisontown and will support clients to learn balance and control.

Some clients have never ridden a bike but have always wished to have the experience. The new bike program will help them realise their dreams and achieve an important milestone in life.

The bike program will add to Jamisontown’s suite of activities that encourage movement, physical fitness, and fun.

“We’re always looking for new ways to encourage and motivate clients with activities that they are interested in and that suit their needs.”

“We’re all about fun at Jamisontown. We create client programs to support client wellbeing and inspire a love of life,” added Leonie.

Find out more about activities offered in Afford Community Centres across the country for inspiration and fun.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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