Each week, Affordians head out to Shine Shed in Campbelltown for inclusive and supportive fun and physical exercise.

The Campbelltown all-abilities play centre is a place where sensory needs take centre stage. Participants can engage with a range of equipment designed to cater for a range of abilities. While they are there, participants get to socialise and make friends, and most importantly, have fun.

Our Lurnea Lifestyle Centre and Campbelltown Lifestyle Centre customers love visiting Shine Shed. Lifestyle assistants support individuals to experience motion as they jump on the trampolines. The swings are also popular and help individuals engage all their senses.

To exert some energy, individuals can use equipment that involves more movement and physical exertion, such as tunnels and slides.

“It’ is a great sensory experience for our customers, and it also gives them time to connect with friends from different lifestyle centres and develop their social skills,” said

“Some of our customers enjoy the stimulation they get at Shine Shed others enjoy just swinging to relax and chill out. We support our customers based on how they feel on the day and what their sensory needs are.”

Find out more about the inclusive and sensory-based programs available through Afford Lifestyle Centres right across Australia.

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