Darryl is a wheelchair user who attends our Bexley Community Centre. Darryl’s main form of communication with staff is through facial expressions and his gorgeous smile truly expresses his feelings of joy and brightens up the day of anyone around him.

At Afford, our staff work in partnership with clients and their families to identify an individual’s interests and the activities that will bring joy and fulfilment.

For Darryl, hydrotherapy at the local pools helps him relax his muscles and provides a sensory experience to engage his entire body.

He has one-to-one support to attend his hydrotherapy sessions where an Afford Lifestyle Assistant goes into the water with him to support Darryl move to the instructor’s cues.

Hydrotherapy supports Darryl to extend his flexibility, relax his body and enjoy the water as it laps up around his face, arms and legs.

While Darryl’s physical movement is limited, his wheelchair ensures that he can participate and enjoy many outings and activities with others at Bexley Community Centre. He has joined groups on outings to the park and the shops.

Thanks to his wheelchair, Darryl can sit up and participate in regular music therapy sessions. It also gives him the freedom to move around the site and interact with his friends and staff.

“Having a wheelchair has made a positive impact on Darryl’s lifestyle. With support he can go out into the community and experience new things. Hydrotherapy is one of his favourite activities, and the one-on-one support allows him to get involved in more activities,” said Kristiarne, Team Leader at Bexley Community Centre.

For Darryl, his wheelchair presents opportunities, accessibility and freedom to do the things he loves.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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