We’ve all grown up using crayons, but our Southport Community Centre staff and clients have taken crayon art to the next level to create colourful masterpieces.

Melted crayon art involves aligning crayons at the top of a canvas and using heat to cause them to melt and drip down. As the wax trickles down, the once blank canvas becomes an array of rainbow colours with different shades and blends.

With support, our Queensland Affordians took to the challenge during their art program. With patience, everyone lined up their crayons along the top end of their canvas. They were supported to use the hairdryer to start the melting process. Slowly but surely, the colours began to dribble down the white surfaces to reveal amazing artworks!

The rainbow theme filtered through to everyday activities with the Southport staff and clients choosing to wear the same colour clothes on specific days.

“Our site is always a place of fun and liveliness. We love incorporating activities that will engage our clients of all abilities and create conversation to develop communication skills,” said Justine Baker, Team Leader.

“Our clients really enjoy art and we aim to use a variety of techniques to make the activities stimulating and to help individuals explore art for self-expression.”

Watch: How to make a melted crayon artwork – Kidspot.

Make: Melted Crayon Artwork.

What you’ll need to make your own melted crayon artwork:

  • Wax crayons.
  • Blank canvas.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Something to cover your work space in case the wax splatters.

Follow step-by-step instructions at kidspot.com.au.

Find out more about engaging activities offered in Afford community centres across Australia.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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