Deb and Ann are lifestyle assistants at our Wellington Point Community Centre who run an engaging art and craft program with many clients who attend the service.

With a mission to always provide inspiration and stimulation for clients, Deb and Ann asked clients, Kesslan, Rachel, Chris, Carlea and Jodie if they wanted to go out to see the works of professional artists at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Along with artworks, the gallery was also hosting an exhibition of classic and modern motorcycles, which certainly excited everyone in the group.

While at the gallery, Deb and Ann supported clients to learn about modern art and its different forms. The group saw many motorcycles in the exhibition, as well as old and fancy choppers and future prototypes.

One of the highlights of the visit for Kesslan, Rachel, Chris, Carlea and Jodie was using the green screen. They stood in front of a screen to take a photo, which then transposed them onto the front cover of The Motorcycle Magazine! There were many great poses and smiles all around.

It was an outing with a difference that gave everyone an insight into the many varying forms and unique perspectives of art.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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