Dog lovers across the country will be all too familiar with snuffle mats. These colourful and fluffy mats are favourite playthings for all types of pooches. Animal loving clients and staff at our Wellington Point Community Centre in Queensland couldn’t wait to create their own snuffle mats during art program to support a very worthy local cause.

When there were restrictions on community outings and events, our staff were busy investigating unique and skill developing activities to help clients stay motivated.

Customer Care Manager, Carolyn, suggested a client activity that she found through Redlands Disability Network, that she knew would be popular with our Wellington Point animal lovers. Snuffle mats!

Snuffle mats keep dogs stimulated and entertained for hours on end. Made from a rubber mat and fleece material that is threaded and knotted together, the snuffle mats are perfect for hiding treats and goodies for canine pals to sniff out and retrieve as a reward.

Together with lifestyle assistants, clients went to Spotlight to choose fabrics and materials to make their snuffle mats. The outing supported the development of money handling and independent living skills too, with clients encouraged to choose and purchase the items they need.

Back at the community centre, clients spread out their different coloured materials. Making the snuffle mats tested everyone’s fine motor skills. Materials were cut into strips and then threaded through holes in the rubber mat before finally knotting them securely for the safety of the dogs.

The snuffle mats were part of the regular art on-site art session and took around three weeks to complete. Clients, Angela, Jazmin, Samantha, Shane, and Jodie, along with all the staff, made a snuffle mat each.

The completed snuffle mats look amazing! As soon as restrictions ease, clients will visit their local RSPCA to donate the snuffle mats for the dogs at the shelter to use and play with for hours of entertainment and fun!

How To: Animal Welfare League shares its tips on how to make your own snuffle mat.

Throughout COVID-19, we have been working closely with our community networks and broader disability service connections to investigate and incorporate engaging activities for clients of all abilities.

Find out more about how Afford Community Centres can support you to get involved in activities that help you explore your interests.


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