Every individual has their own unique talents. At Afford, we celebrate and encourage our customers, residents and supported employees to feel comfortable in being themselves and sharing their individuality.

This year, the global pandemic meant that Afford couldn’t hold our annual Afford’s Got Talent event. This didn’t stop the team at Jamisontown Lifestyle Centre hosting their own on-site talent show for customers that included all the glitz and glamour that you could expect from a star-studded event.

Staff and customers choreographed routines and practised songs and dance moves. Costumes were created and everyone got ready for the big performance.

With staff as backup dancers, customers performed to a variety of popular songs by artists such as ABBA, Michael Jackson and from movies such as Frozen and Grease.

“The talent show is not only about having good fun, it’s also about building confidence as well,” said Leonie, Team Leader at Jamisontown Lifestyle Centre.

“Some of our customers were self-conscious when they first joined our Afford community, now they are the ones that steal the show!”

With encouragement and the creation of a supportive environment, every customer at Jamisontown Lifestyle Centre has grown in confidence to take on new life challenges.

“Despite the disruptions to community access caused by the Coronavirus this year, our customers have continued to thrive and work towards their goals. We create activities on-site that are engaging and stimulating. Every day is an opportunity to learn, and we aim to support each individual to achieve all that they want in life.”

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