Clients from Southport Community Centre laced up their bowling shoes for some friendly competition at the local ten pin bowling alley. After what seemed like a week of endless rain and intense flooding, everyone was happy to be back out in the community doing what they love.

Afford Community Centres encourage clients to explore their passions and develop life skills.

“We go bowling every Wednesday and our clients love it. They work on a range of skills like communication, teamwork and making friends,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Rachael Aquilina.

Emma has made significant improvements towards her personal goals since joining the weekly bowling outing. Not only is she a keen bowler, but she enjoys helping her friends with their bowling balls and ramps.

“When I started working with Emma two months ago, I encouraged her to come with us and it has made a huge difference. Even her mum has said that she comes home a lot calmer and happier,” continued Rachael.

Everyone enjoyed having their moment to shine and being cheered on by their friends. The room erupted into smiles and laughter when Brad bowled a strike and celebrated with a celebratory chicken dance.

“Kyanna has also made a lot of progress. When we first started, she only felt comfortable using the bowling ramp but now she holds the ball with the assistance of her lifestyle assistant. She has officially ditched the ramp and it was a great moment,” said Rachael.

We can’t wait to see who will score a strike next week!

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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