Our Ipswich Affordians are young and adventurous, so it was no surprise when they chose to visit Movie World and Seaworld on the Gold Coast for one of their latest outings.

It’s all about choice at Ipswich Lifestyle Centre. Programs and activities are based on the interests of the customers. Everyone has the chance to suggest and choose activities that they would like to do.

The Movie World outing was Jayarna’s first visit to a theme park. At Movie World she loved going on all the rides. With support from a lifestyle assistant, she felt confident to participate in the things that make her happy. From rollercoasters to stunt shows, there was always something to do and see.

Jayarna soaked up all the sights, sounds and thrills of the day. She was still smiling on the ride home.

Nardia enjoyed birthday celebrations like no other on a trip to Seaworld! Staff and her friends from lifestyle centre kept the outing a secret and when Nardia found out they were going to Seaworld for her birthday, she was thrilled!

Supported by lifestyle assistants, the lifestyle centre friends wandered through the animal exhibits, watched the amazing shows and dared to go on plenty of rides.

Customers who attend our Ipswich Lifestyle Centre are supported to develop their independence. Activities and outings are organised to suit the interests and ages of every individual who attends the site.

Customers are all similar in age and enjoy the same interests. They have become good friends and have created memories to last a lifetime on the many outings organised by the staff.

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