As the sawdust dances in the sunlight and the sound of chatter and laughter can be heard around the grounds of Cherrywood Friendship Farm, you know that these are the meaningful activities that bring true happiness.

Clients of Afford’s Lurnea Community Centre, Mario, Michael, Alex, Aaron, Jamie, Michael, and Liam visited the Cherrywood Friendship Farm to enjoy tactile woodwork experiences.

This week’s session involved transforming tree branches that have fallen to the ground into practical hat hooks.

Dave from Bushbred facilitated the session and helped clients learn the best techniques for sanding down timber. Participants also had the chance to learn how to use woodworking tools such as drills to make holes for wire hangers.

Being outdoors is something that this group of friends really love. The farm gives them the chance to breathe in the fresh air and interact with animals for calm and relaxation.

“Our clients enjoy spending time with the animals and learning about how to care for them,” said Teresa, Team Leader at Lurnea Community Centre.

“It’s a real sensory experience for them. The different smells of the animals and touching the furs and coats presents opportunities to develop communication and encourage new life experiences.”

Animal therapy supports the development of life skills of self-regulating moods and emotions and learning the skills to manage a variety of social situations.

Find out more about Cherrywood Friendship Farm or Afford community centres across the country.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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