It is Human Rights Day on 10 December and the 75th anniversary of the first Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

At Afford, we are marking this occasion by sharing the progress and perspectives of our Human Rights Advocate Group – a selected group of representatives from Afford’s employees and clients who are ambassadors, promoters and champions of Human Rights at work and in the community.

In advance of Human Rights Day, we are sharing the story of the Afford Human Rights Advocate Group so far, their journey to date and what it means to each of them to be a Human Rights Advocate.

“The Human Rights Advocate Group is one of the many ways Afford acting on its stated commitment to be a rights-based organisation. By establishing a group of representatives from our clients and employees, we have a group that co-designs advocacy and that means that the voice of our clients is heard loud and strong and that decisions made at all levels take into account the Human Rights of people with a disability,” Aby Hutchinson West said. “Our Human Rights advocates are bringing this to life with every toolkit they write and deliver. I look forward to the impact that these learning opportunities will have on the quality of life of the people we support.”

For further information about the Afford Human Rights Advocate Group, or to interview Leith Sterling, Executive Director, Consumer Experience & Safeguarding or Aby Hutchinson West, Principal Advisor, Safeguarding, contact Lyndal Stuart, Head of Engagement and Public Affairs, phone 0410 850 642.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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