Afford’s Statement on Disability Royal Commission Report

The following is a joint statement from Afford’s Chair, Carol Bryant and CEO, Jo Toohey

Afford supports the Royal Commission process and the positive change it will bring for people with disability. We acknowledge and accept the Commission’s findings in relation to Afford and recognise that we did not have the right practices and policies in place to provide our clients with quality service and safety. We take full responsibility and accountability for this. We are sorry for those failings and have expressed this personally to the clients and families we know were impacted.

Everyone working at Afford today is committed to the safeguarding and rights of our clients. Transformation has been underway at Afford since the commencement of Jo Toohey as CEO in November 2021 and is continuing. We have also recently made significant changes to our Board of Directors, this was announced 23 February 2023 and sees Carol Bryant as our new Chair.

The Royal Commission has given public forum for the voices of people with disability to be heard. We have listened. As an organisation, we must and will do better. These voices have influenced and had direct and real impact on how we are shaping the Afford of the future to ensure the services we provide safeguard our clients and uphold their rights and choices.

Carol Bryant and Jo Toohey.

To read the final report on Public Hearing 23 visit: Final Report on Public Hearing 23.

The Royal Commission has provided a helpful list of support services you can contact for assistance.

To read about the recent changes to Afford’s Board of Directors, click here.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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