Easter is celebrated by many people across Australia and is the time to connect with family and friends. Celebrations often come with excitement and activity, which can become overwhelming for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Below are a few ideas to help you and your loved ones navigate Easter celebrations this weekend, with activities that promote sensory release and mindfulness.

Art and Craft

Colouring is always a fun way to pass the time and focus. It also helps with mindfulness and creative expression. There are loads of free Easter colouring pages and activities available online.

Print: Check out these printables from Crayola.

Everyone loves to paint Easter eggs, and A Thrifty Mom has given us a range of ideas to colour our eggs. Using shaving cream and regular food colouring, you can transform everyday eggs into dazzling patterned artworks that will make divine centrepieces on your Easter table this year.

Make: Shaving crema swirl Easter eggs from A Thrifty Mom.


Everyone loves a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt. The key to a successful egg hunt is considering the needs and abilities of all participants. Make sure the experience is inclusive and enjoyable for all.

Start by thinking about accessibility. Hide Easter eggs in areas and at heights accessible to participants in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Support colour recognition by assigning specific-coloured eggs to each participant – this will make sure everyone gets a fair share. Beeping eggs are also available to purchase to cater to those with vision impairment. Tactile cues could also be another way to help keen egg hunters reach the egg-stra special surprise.

Learn More: Check out these inclusive Easter egg hunt ideas from Kiddipedia.

For some sensory stimulation and fun, create your own sensory box. Add an Easter theme with shredded Easter papers or grass and fuzzy bunny-like faux fur for a tactile experience.

Make: Check out a range of ideas from And Next Comes L to create your very own sensory box.

We wish everyone in the Afford community and beyond a happy and safe Easter.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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