The soft, bubbling sounds of water and melodic chirps all come from the pet-pals welcomed into the True Blue home this year. National Pet Day (11th April) is a great opportunity to think about the fur kids and animal companions in your life.

National Pets Day originated in the US, but with Australians loving pets just as much as the rest of the world, we are keen to celebrate the positive impact pets have on many lives every day.

Graeme has longed for a pet of his own for some time. He spoke with lifestyle assistants at his home about choosing a pet lorikeet. They discussed the responsibilities around pet ownership. They talked about providing the pet with food, water, a clean place to live and care and attention.

Graeme was ready to find his new friend, only he visited pet stores several times and couldn’t find a lorikeet that he liked.

Then, one day, he came across a 12-week-old coconut lorikeet that he instantly adored and wanted to bring home. He named him Larry the Lorikeet, and the two have been inseparable. Graeme diligently provides Larry with everything he needs to stay happy and healthy.

John, who lives next door to Graeme, chose a fish as his new pet-pal. With support from lifestyle assistants, John created a beautiful aquarium for his fish. Along with his lifestyle assistant, John visited Pet Barn to learn about keeping the water clean for his new scaly friend.

John also added his own creativity to the fish tank by putting in a few teacups as decorations for his fish to swim around.

The housemates at the True Blue home enjoy the company of animals. There are regular visits from Talulah, the fur-kid of one of the lifestyle assistants. John and Jean love to cuddle up with Talulah during her visits. They love patting her soft fur and playing with her outdoors.

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