Nicky is a vibrant and happy soul from Miami Community Centre who thrives when exploring the local community and being active. On a recent trip to Chevron Island, she was amazed by the gigantic bubble art installation and took the time to appreciate it and reflect on her accomplishments. Nicky has floated to new heights in just two years with Afford and achieved many of her greatest dreams.

When you join an Afford Community Centre, you are welcomed into a safe and supportive environment that will encourage you to learn practical life skills and build your confidence.

“Nicky was excited to see the giant bubbles as part of the swell sculpture festival. She had been to the displays in Currumbin with her other lifestyle assistants but this one was a great experience,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Shirlene May.

The larger than life bubbles are coated with a colour-reflecting film that creates the rainbow effect. Nicky is like a rainbow herself; she shines brightly and brings positive energy to those around her.

“She can be quiet when you first meet her but Nicky is very chatty once she is comfortable with you. So, I would describe her as social, friendly and independent,” continued Shirlene.

During her time at Miami Community Centre, Nicky likes to work on her independence, manoeuvre public transport, build relationships with her peers and access the community. She joined Afford in October 2019 and since then, has made fantastic progress on these goals.

“Nicky’s biggest achievement would be late last year when she moved into her supported independent living (SIL) home which was one of her main goals. That was wonderful for Nicky,” said Team Leader, Kalo Patuki.

Before heading back to the hub, Nicky and Shirlene took a stroll around the botanical gardens, grabbed a decaf coffee and took Shirlene’s car through the drive-through car wash for some more bubbles and laughs.

It is great to see our clients out and about, working on their goals and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Find out more about Afford Community Centres and how you can start exploring your passions and achieving your goals.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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