Thanks to funding from Budget Direct’s Sponsorships Solved Grant, Afford’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) trainees came together for an incredible scavenger hunt to discover travel safety in Parramatta. The day encouraged travel training and challenged their teamwork and communication skills. Our Ingleburn, Mt Druitt, Penrith and Prestons’ trainees enjoyed coming together for this unforgettable day out.

When you join Afford’s SLES program, you will gain real-world experience, develop confidence and discover the employment path that is right for you. 

“Thanks to an exciting grant from Budget Direct, SLES trainees enjoyed a great day out building a range of skills. All four sites competed in a friendly travel training scavenger hunt designed to build their knowledge of accessing public transport and travel safety,” said SLES Vocational Coordinator and Trainer, Tayla Clark.

A large part of travel training is understanding safety and what to do in an emergency. To further develop the trainee’s confidence, the day included tasks such as:

  • Take a photo of the emergency button.
  • Find four stops on the Bankstown line.
  • Identify the guard’s carriage.

“Our sites then met up at Parramatta for a joint scavenger hunt using our map apps and an interactive scavenger quest on our iPad to explore Parramatta’s history and develop our trip planning skills,” continued Tayla.

Learning about different environments and how to plan trips ensures that when our trainees are applying for jobs, they are not restricted to their local areas. Becoming familiar with new locations can open up more opportunities to find your dream role.

The scavenger hunt ended at Old Parliament House, where everyone enjoyed a social lunch and some pub-style trivia about the transport system.

“Trainees built their teamwork skills, tested their knowledge and enjoyed the local history. They liked getting out and about while building up their confidence in navigating public transport and Parramatta,” said Tayla.

Afford would like to acknowledge and thank Budget Direct for supporting us to deliver unique and fun activities to our job seekers.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES program and how we can help you land your perfect job.

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