Brooklyn has been working with Southport School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) for almost a year and in that time, he has achieved many goals. By gaining his driver’s license and receiving his first job offer, Brooklyn has embraced his talents and begun to shape his dream life.

Afford’s SLES team help you strengthen the skills you need to enter the workplace and discover the right path for you.

“The main difference I have seen in Brooklyn since we started working together is his confidence. He is now more energetic and engaged in everything we do and has this great desire for independence,” said SLES Vocational Trainer, Mark Harriss.

The first goal Brooklyn achieved with SLES was gaining more freedom by obtaining his driver’s license. As a lover of all outdoor adventures, particularly boating and camping, he set his sights on a boat and jet ski license after acquiring his driver’s license. With dedication and determination, he obtained all qualifications.

“Brooklyn now feels ready to locate his first job. He has had a trial shift at a local Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and has agreed to go to a second trial. He wants to be sure that it is the right workplace for him,” continued Mark.

If he accepts the position, Mark will continue to work with Brooklyn one day per week to workshop all the new experiences he will have on the job.

“We can discuss his workplace experiences and provide guidance and feedback. Our focus will be offering as much support as possible and giving him more skills for independence,” said Mark.

Congratulations on all your achievements Brooklyn.

Learn more about how Afford’s SLES team can help you navigate the next steps in your employment journey.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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