The latest SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) industry visit saw trainees step back in time at an historic Fairfield landmark and truly appreciate the importance of having a job.

SLES trainer, Faith, organised for Prestons trainees to visit the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery and Vintage Village in Western Sydney.

Wandering through the gallery, trainees admired the variety of artworks. They were in awe of the talents of the many local artists. Vibrant colours, coupled with inspirational words, were uplifting and a pleasure to see. As trainees walked through the gallery, they talked about the different colours and art styles.

Ruth led the trainees around a tour of the Vintage Village. Trainees learned about old-style general stores and occupations such as horseshoers and smiths. Trainees were intrigued about the very specific skills needed for jobs in the olden days.

During the tour, trainees developed a strong appreciation of the world they live in and modern conveniences. The Vintage Village gave them a glimpse into the past when there were no fridges, electricity and only simple clothing.

The group discussed the importance of being confident to have a go when looking for a job. Trying different work options and getting support to develop their skills or get involved in further study and training.

Just like in the olden days, finding a job takes perseverance and a willingness to learn.

SLES trainees are supported to consider a variety of jobs across a range of industries. Industry visits, such as the one to the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery and Vintage Village, give trainees the chance to get a behind the scenes look into different work roles.

In the encouraging SLES environment, trainees can build confidence in their abilities and work towards achieving their employment goals.

Find out more about joining Afford’s SLES program for support and career guidance to find your ideal job.

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