Afford’s School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) recently launched in South Australia and our first four trainees are ready to discover the world of work. Matthew, Kael, James and Daniella have enjoyed getting to know each other through onsite activities and local industry visits.

Afford’s SLES will introduce you to a new world of opportunities and prepare you for employment or further training.

“We are so excited for Matthew, who has just landed his first work placement after only two months with SLES. He will be doing site maintenance at Minda’s North Brighton Village, which is an all-inclusive retirement and disability site,” said Acting SLES Vocational Trainer, Hayley Ovens.

Matthew was the first trainee in South Australia and his ultimate goal is to work as a security guard. He is excited to develop his interpersonal, confidence and communication skills in his new position. The other trainees are also on their way to achieving their dreams.

“Kael was quite shy when he started but he has opened up a lot in just a few weeks and is pulling me aside to talk to me about his hobbies,” continued Hayley.

Kael’s dad recently sent Hayley a text and wrote, “Kael seems so much happier since joining SLES and he has had a great week, thank you.”

James’ fun-loving and joyful personality has shone in the group and Daniella, who loves all things hair and makeup, has enjoyed sharing her passions with Hayley.

One of the most popular onsite activities has been ‘feed my family,’ where the trainees learn budgeting, food preparation and research skills. The team look up healthy recipes and use the online Coles website to track their spending and keep to a budget. They then practice travel training and community access by heading out to their local store to purchase the ingredients. Everyone’s food preparation and communication skills are tested as they prepare the meals.

“Other areas we have been developing are active listening, communication, body language and customer service. These are important for all our trainees regardless of what industry they want to work in,” said Hayley.

We look forward to seeing all our trainees shine and achieve great things.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES locations near you and how our team can help you strengthen your employability skills and discover the path that’s right for you.

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