Simran and Ryan, two of our superstar trainees from Afford’s Mt Druitt School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), have recently discovered the world of work! The pair have been attending work experience at Same Day Hot Water Service and developing practical job skills across the business.

Afford’s SLES will introduce you to a new world of opportunities and prepare you for employment or further training.

“Simran and Ryan have been very excited to access work experience after a long wait due to COVID-19. Simran is exploring her interest in admin through work experience in the office whilst Ryan has a passion for metalwork, so his work experience is trade based,” said SLES Coordinator and Vocational Trainer, Tayla Clark. 

Over the last few weeks, the school leavers have increased their independence and confidence while learning more about expectations in the work environment. These are essential lessons that can be applied to any industry they pursue.

“Simran has been completing tasks such as marking off and filing invoices, preparing the mail run for sending, stamping off overdue payments and some basic data entry on the computer. She loves building her skills with the support of her work experience manager, Danielle,” continued Tayla.

For Ryan, a highlight of this experience has been socialising and interacting with new people. It has helped him build his overall confidence and learn more about potential careers.

“Ryan has been working with plumber Steve, assisting with basic trade tasks such as removing olive rings off copper pipes, sorting copper and fittings, unbolting fixtures, and making drop-offs at the local scrap metal yard,” said Tayla.

Work experience has also been an excellent way for Ryan to learn the importance of workplace safety and how to operate tools correctly. It is also invaluable industry experience that looks great on a resume.

We look forward to seeing what Simran and Ryan achieve next.

Find out more about Afford’s SLES locations near you and how our team can help you strengthen your employability skills and discover the right path.

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