Short Term Accommodation gives carers the chance to take breaks to rest and recharge throughout the year or catch up on other family and household tasks.

Whatever the reason, Afford’s Short Term Accommodation provides respite for family members caring for loved ones with disability when it is needed most.

It also serves as a respite for individuals who want to take a break from everyday routines. Individuals can spend time reflecting on the things that matter most to them and exploring their interests while mingling with new people, who quickly become new friends.

Our St Mary’s short term accommodation actively involves individuals in making decisions about programs, activities and facilities offered on-site.

The site holds regular meetings where all ideas are discussed as a group and recorded for actioning.

During the most recent respite meeting, Greg, Trent, Kayla M, Kayla S, Kyle and Samantha, shared their opinions and ideas with staff members Debra, Sandra and Nelly.

They talked about purchasing yarn, string and tools to start knitting classes. Greg said he would like more variety in art and craft supplies so that he can do different activities throughout the week. From this suggestion, staff have actioned this request and a variety of paints, crafts activities and art supplies are now available for all to enjoy.

Trent voiced his opinion on having dedicated quiet times during stays. For Trent, this quiet time helps him unwind for self-reflection. He has support from staff if and when he needs it, but his choice to have time alone is respected by staff and his friends at respite.

Individual choice, preference and ideas are all considered and respected at Afford. Every client who is part of our Afford community knows that their choices are valued. We care.

Find out how short term accommodation can help you, your family or loved one take time out from everyday busyness for overall wellbeing.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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