Painting encourages mindfulness, creativity and fun! For the Affordians at Waterford Short Term Accommodation in Queensland, a trip to the Plaster Fun House in Brisbane was what they needed to explore their inner artist.

When Peter and Paul walked into the Plaster Fun House with Afford lifestyle assistant Sandra, they were amazed at all the different plasters available to choose from and paint.

There were 3D animals, movie characters such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Lego figures, cars and vehicles, trinket boxes, and so much more!

After making their plaster selections, Peter and Paul were given an apron, a pallet of coloured paints, waterpots and brushes. They were so excited that they began to paint straight away. They used all the colours to create sensational plaster characters and were very proud of their work.

Afford’s Short Term Accommodation offers individuals various opportunities to get out and about in the community. Whether it’s visiting the local park for a picnic lunch or getting involved in an activity  or new experience, staff provide every individual with the support they need to do the things that bring joy and happiness.

For Peter and Paul, their plaster creations are keepsakes that they can show their family and friends and cherish forever. The experience has helped them bond as friends and explore their interests in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Find out more about Afford’s Short Term Accommodation options across Australia to make new friends, participate in new life experiences and have fun.



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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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