Rebecca’s first stay at Banksia Beach Short Term Accommodation was also her very first night away from home. It was an excellent opportunity to build independence in a supportive environment and find confidence in new surroundings. 

At Afford’s Short Term Accommodation sites, you can relax in a home away from home, while your loved ones can be confident that you have all the support you need. 

Sleeping away from home was a significant step for Rebecca and although there were some initial nerves, she embraced the experience and found an inner confidence. 

“We started the day off in true holiday style with some pancakes for breakfast. Then I asked Rebecca how she slept, considering that it was her first night away from home. She was so delighted and proud of herself. I know it was a big step for both her and mum,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Hollie Nester.

Rebecca decided to spend the remainder of the day in proper holiday mode by exploring some fantastic local tourist hotspots.

“Rebecca shared that she loves animals and that she would like to go to White Ridge Farm. So we got ready and headed out for our adventure,” continued Hollie.

There are farmyard friends of all sizes at White Ridge Farm and you can feed ponies, milk a cow or chat with chickens. Rebecca loved the hands-on experience and getting to feel like a farmer for the day. 

“She enjoyed patting the baby animals and fed most of the larger animals too. It was only the camels that were intimidating but that gave her something to work towards next time. They also have tractor hayrides which was an enjoyable experience for Rebecca,” continued Hollie. 

The fun didn’t stop there, with Rebecca also visiting the Osprey Environmental Centre and the Bribie Island Butterfly House over her next few days at Banksia Beach. The butterfly house was a highlight, with Rebecca enjoying the peaceful environment.

“Rebecca’s enjoyment of her stay at Banksia Beach has created a ripple effect and she is now applying for supported independent living options in North Queensland through Afford,” shared District Manager, Natalie Baker.

We love seeing Rebecca spread her wings and achieve her goals. Afford’s Short Term Accommodation services are a quality respite program where you will have everything you need in a comfortable and relaxed environment. 

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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