At Cherrywood Lifestyle Centre, our customers have been taking advantage of nature and focusing on the important things in life, friendship and fun. Our superstar customer, Kathryn, has been thriving at Cherrywood developing her cooking and fishing skills.

Afford Lifestyle Centres provide customers with opportunities to discover their passions, develop life skills and flourish every day.

“Kathryn has had some beautiful days with her peers at the centre recently. One of her favourite activities has been baking cupcakes for the team,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Jody Barnes-Buckley.

Our Cherrywood Lifestyle Centre also features Cherrywood Friendship Farm complete with a chicken coop, a pond that is perfect for fishing and bushwalking tracks. Customers are encouraged to interact with nature and the animals to have new sensory experiences and learn more about the world around them.

“When Kathryn decided to make vanilla cupcakes, we headed to the Cherrywood chicken coop to source some eggs. She did so well and followed all the cooking directions perfectly,” continued Jody.

One of Kathryn’s goals when she first joined the Cherrywood Lifestyle Centre was to improve her social skills. Over the last four years at the site, she has consistently nurtured the friendships she has developed and successfully made lifelong friends.

“Her friends gave her great compliments on her cooking, which made Kathryn feel proud and boosted her confidence,” said Jody.

Kathryn has also been spending a lot of time relaxing by the Cherrywood Pond and trying her hand at fishing. Catching and releasing the fish in Cherrywood Pond while soaking up the sun has become another favourite pastime, especially with the weather warming up.

All Afford Lifestyle Centres offer tailored activities so you can focus on developing practical life skills while enhancing your current abilities. Find out more about Cherrywood Friendship Farm or Afford Lifestyle Centres across Australia.

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