Afford’s Bligh Park Supported Accommodation home wouldn’t be the same without James. In just under a year at the house, he has made a remarkable impression on everyone around him. His friendly smile and positive attitude light up every room.

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“James has come a very long way. When I first met him, he had a lot of behaviours that we had to manage. He has improved a lot and we can see how happy he is,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Dave Fajardo.

Dave and James love to visit local parks during their afternoons. Connecting with nature has helped James regulate his emotions, express himself and have fun while engaging in creative play.

“He loves to go out to the park and enjoys seeing people with their pets. We always bring an afternoon snack or dinner and normally have a soccer game too. He also really likes to play in water so we go to many parks with splash features,” continued Dave.

Building on his love of the water, James also enjoys his fortnightly swimming lessons now that the public pools have reopened.

“We are all glad that life is now getting back to normal. When my clients are happy, I am happy,” said Dave.

James and his family are currently in the process of joining Afford’s Windsor Lifestyle Centre, where James is looking forward to making friends, having new experiences and creating special memories.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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