Image for Beach Time a Feast for the Senses

Beach Time a Feast for the Senses

On a warm summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like being close to the water. There’s always a cool breeze rushing against your skin. When you raise your head up, you can’t help but smile as the sun warms your face. The waves crashing on the coast are mesmerising to watch and the sounds bring on a sense of calm. Sensory Outings
Image for Getaway to the Blue Mountains!

Getaway to the Blue Mountains!

Linda loves to travel. She has been on many holidays with Afford Getaways over the years and always talks about the great time she has seeing different places and meeting different people. Linda was so keen to get out and about this year, that she was Afford’s first Afford Getaways
Image for Music and Relaxation at Lurnea

Music and Relaxation at Lurnea

In the words of Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” Across all Afford sites, music offers clients various therapeutic benefits. Now, thanks to the 2018 Commu...
Image for International Asperger’s Day

International Asperger’s Day

Today is International Asperger’s Day (18 February). At Afford, we champion inclusive communities and provide individuals, their families and carers with support to live their best life under the NDIS. Afford is committed to raising awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome and the positive outcomes that can be achieved for every individual. W...
Image for Jean Loves Summer Bay!

Jean Loves Summer Bay!

Jean is an outgoing, fun-loving resident of Afford’s True Blue home in Penrith. She loves getting out and about, but what she loves most is watching the iconic Aussie TV show, Home and Away. Achieve Your Goals Jean loves Home and Away so much, that one of her NDIS goals was to visit Summer Bay. She wanted to see for ...