Image for Services for Young Affordians

Services for Young Affordians

At Afford, we want every individual to have the chance to do things that interests them. No matter what their ability, or their age. More Services for You We have added more services across Australia to make sure we have a range of program available for people of different needs and ages. Our Frankston team have rec...
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Programs that Uncover Hidden Gems

Jewellery making requires fine motor skills and attention to detail. These are every day skills that we encourage throughout our Day Programs and other Afford services. Creating Programs That Suit Our Clients’ Interests When our clients at Ora...
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Lakemba Day Program Gets Out and About

Recently, the clients of Lakemba Day Program set personal goals of collecting seashells and feeling the sand between their toes – so that’s exactly what they did! At Afford, our programs, outing and events are driven by the interests of our clients, so that’s why we’re so excited to hear the new and interesting per...