Bryan is a hard-working, supported employee at Afford’s Minchinbury Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE.) On the weekend, he loves to get out and explore the community to make new memories through Club Afford at Mt Druitt Community Centre. Before Sydney’s lockdown, Bryan visited the Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens in Nurragingy reserve to enjoy the sun, great company and reflect on the little things in life.

Afford’s supported employment gives clients more than just a job. It’s a chance to learn new skills, make friends, belong to a community and have fun.

“Bryan is now working at Minchinbury ADE 5 days a week, so I wanted him to have a nice day out and take some time to relax. Nurragingy is very calming and the fresh air was good for Bryan,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Ronald Salarda.

Blacktown City Council built the garden to display the friendship between the council and Liaocheng Municipal Government in China. It has many architectural features inspired by the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China.

“We walked around the whole garden with a few rests, and we stopped at the bridge and the entranceway as he loved them,” continued Ronald.

The walk was also an excellent opportunity for Bryan to catch Ronald up on his week as the pair have built a strong friendship. They have spent the last few weekends out accessing the community together through Club Afford.

“Bryan is very friendly and talkative. He loves to tell me about his family and his pets when we go out to different places. We always talk a lot,” said Ronald.

When Ronald is supporting Bryan, he always tries to make sure that their days are relaxing and that Bryan has the chance to prepare for the week ahead. On the same day, the pair also visited Ikea and Penrith Lakes, making for a well-rounded day of leisure.

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