Ervin is a motivated and hard-working young man who has landed his first job through the collaborative assistance of Afford Employment Services, SLES and DES.

Afford’s SLES provides school leavers with opportunities to strengthen their skills and experiences in preparation for entering the workforce. Then, when trainees feel ready to work, they can be connected to our DES service, which links you to an employment consultant who will help you find the perfect job.

He was a bundle of excitement and enthusiasm when he arrived for his first day at his local Best and Less store and has been flourishing ever since.

Ervin will be working two shifts a week and has already made a great impression with his great work ethic. He is truly deserving of this opportunity and put in a lot of hard work to make it to this stage,” said SLES Coordinator and Vocational Trainer, Tayla Clark.

After working with SLES for two years and doing multiple work experience placements, Ervin was introduced to Employment Consultant, Grace Ciempka, who helped him begin the job hunting process.

SLES staff assisted Ervin with putting together a virtual resume which they then sent to a network of contacts.

Very soon after sending out Ervin’s video resume, we received a call back from the office of Best & Less CEO, Rodney Orrick. They were so impressed by Ervin’s video resume that they wanted to meet him right away,” continued Tayla.

Grace took the lead in setting up Ervin’s interview, at which Ervin made a great impression. Within a matter of weeks, Grace had secured the position and start date.

The SLES & DES teams put in a collaborative effort to get Ervin ready for his first job.  Grace organised paperwork and meetings while Tayla helped Ervin complete his online training. We are all so excited to see Ervin take this next step in his employment journey, Congratulations Ervin,” said Tayla.

If you are ready to start finding your dream job, learn more about how Affords Employment Services can help you take the first step.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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