Thanks to Community Building Partnerships funding, Afford’s Fairfield DES (Disability Employment Support) has enhanced services for jobseekers with new equipment to ease stress and learn interview skills.

The new funding has allowed the team at our Fairfield DES site to purchase three massage chairs and a smartboard for clients to use.

Job hunting, particularly during a time of COVID-19 related disruptions, has left some jobseekers feeling anxious and stressed. By having the new massage chairs available, clients are encouraged to take some time out to unwind and relax to improve their mindset around setting goals and looking for employment.

DES staff reinforce the importance of self-care with clients and encourage them to use the massage chairs to release stress and renew their motivation to find a job.

The global pandemic has shifted the way many of us work. There are more work-from-home options and with that comes new methods of communication. DES purchased a smartboard to introduce clients to new technologies and work styles.

DES staff have used the smartboard to introduce clients to virtual platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams. Staff have run a series of mock interviews with clients to help build their knowledge and confidence in using technology for work.

During one mock interview, DES team leader, Joumana, acted as an employer interviewing Randy for a position in retail. Employment consultant, Mick, provided interview coaching covering some of the most commonly asked questions and discussed with Randy the importance of first impressions and presentation, having self-awareness and tips and techniques for interviews.

The Community Building Partnerships funding has given our DES team the resources needed to support the employment and personal needs of clients.

With the global pandemic increasing pressure on jobseekers, the addition of new massage chairs and a smartboard will prove valuable in supporting clients to learn new skills, care for their wellbeing and achieve their employment goals.

Find out more about how Afford’s DES consultants can support you to find your ideal job.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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