Snapping crocodiles, roaring tigers, and Steve Irwin’s legacy made Ingrid’s number one holiday destination Australia Zoo. Her dream became a reality when she discovered Afford Getaways and stayed in the picturesque Noosaville. Travelling from Gilston Supported Accommodation, the trip was an excellent opportunity for Ingrid to embrace her wanderlust while feeling adventurous and glamourous in this charming seaside town.

Afford Getaways are accessible holidays where all travel, accommodation and meals are included in a personalised package for our clients. We believe travel should be accessible and fun for all, whether you want to explore your hometown or adventure interstate.

“This was a great experience for Ingrid as she proved to herself that she can travel. The holiday gave her a break from her normal routine and got her out of her comfort zone,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Lisa Drennan.

The trip was organised by the Afford Getaways team around her dream to visit Australia Zoo. Steve Irwin, the national icon and dedicated conservationist, is Ingrid’s hero and she has always wanted to learn more about his life and legacy. She was also excited to tour Australia Zoo and discover more about the 1,200 animals that call the park home.

“Steve Irwin was the drawcard for this holiday. Ingrid wanted to see what he built and enjoyed looking at photos of him. We toured the zoo and watched some of the tiger show but she was much more interested in Steve Irwin,” continued Lisa.

During the two-night stay, Ingrid took some time to reconnect with her sister. She also expressed her glamourous side with a shopping spree and a trip to the cinemas, then ended the night at a waterfront restaurant.

“I was proud of Ingrid for her patience on this trip. She has big plans for future travel and would love to go to Greece one day,” said Lisa.

This Afford Getaway to Noosaville was an experience Ingrid will always look back on with a smile. What was once a dream has become a memory she can cherish forever.

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