Image for Wesley Shows his Artistic Flair

Wesley Shows his Artistic Flair

Time at home can be fun, educational and rewarding. Wesley is a resident at Afford’s Empire group home in NSW, who adores his arts and crafts activities. He has been part of the Afford community for over 15 years and although he doesn’t say too much, Afford staff and his housemates know exactly what he is saying and feeling through the artistic ...
Image for Sean Meets Broncos Legends

Sean Meets Broncos Legends

Since Sean was a child, he has always loved Rugby League. As a proud Queenslander, he barracks for the Brisbane Broncos. So it’s no surprise that his bedroom in his Afford Group Home in Caboolture is full of everything related to the Broncos. Share Your Interests Sean en...
Image for Megan Moves into Cranbourne!

Megan Moves into Cranbourne!

Megan loves her new independence! Since moving into her Afford Group Home in Cranbourne, Megan can go bowling, see more of her local community and she has already developed a lifelong friendship with her housemate, Laura. Megan is a friendly and easy-going young woman. She loves her fam...
Image for Caboolture’s 1st Anniversary!

Caboolture’s 1st Anniversary!

It is official – Sean, Stephanie, Lachlan and Jordan have successfully achieved one full year of living independently with support in their Caboolture home! It’s an exciting time for the four friends. They have come a long way in the year that they have lived together and really g...
Image for Beach Time a Feast for the Senses

Beach Time a Feast for the Senses

On a warm summer’s day, there’s nothing quite like being close to the water. There’s always a cool breeze rushing against your skin. When you raise your head up, you can’t help but smile as the sun warms your face. The waves crashing on the coast are mesmerising to watch and the sounds bring on a sense of calm. Sensory Outings