The Trafalgar trio headed to Berwick Springs Wetlands Reserve to soak up the sunny days of Autumn before the Winter chill sets in. Jackson, Michael and Tim enjoyed spending time together and sharing stories over lunch while taking this opportunity to work on their goals.

When you join an Afford Supported Accommodation home, you will be encouraged to develop your independence and engage in various activities through our whole-of-life approach.

“The purpose of the day was to enjoy the last few weeks of our glorious sun. It gives warmth and the happiness that our clients enjoy so much when accessing the community,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Geneva Kara.

The residents, who have become close friends, enjoyed getting out of the house and amongst nature. They spent the day observing the natural sights, reflecting on their goals and feeling included in the local community.

“It was time well spent with housemates. They love going to different locations around our local community and exploring,” continued Geneva.

Days like this enable our residents to practice their communication skills, socialise, and discover more about their world.

The team put together a poem about the day, which they shared on their private Facebook page.

As Autumn settles and Winter comes,
Sunny days are so much fun!
A picnic here, a picnic there,
It doesn’t matter as long as the skies are clear.
For lunch, we made a sandwich or two,
Amongst housemates what a fantastic view.

Tim joined Trafalgar Supported Accommodation in November 2021 and just six months later, he has become a vibrant member of the crew. The team has had some great adventures, but even simple things like sharing a picnic bring them joy.

Find out more about how you can start living the Afford Lifestyle and making special memories with new friends.

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