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Community Hubs

Afford provides access for people with disabilities to a range of social and recreational activities in our hubs and in the community. We provide one-on-one support and group-based programs tailored to meet your needs and goals. Our community hubs are a safe and comfortable space for you to make friends, learn important life skills, and have fun.

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Our community hubs are a safe and comfortable space for you to learn important life skills. We have hubs in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Afford’s Program of Supports

Afford’s Program of Supports is focused on skill development and positive outcomes that work towards achieving your goals.

It is delivered as a 12-week term to provide you with structure and consistency. The program will offer a range of activities that you can do in the community or in one of our hubs.

Afford’s Program of Supports is an opportunity to:

Identify your goals and keep track of your progress
Get involved in the community
Meet new people and make friendships
Learn important life skills
Be more confident and improve your self-esteem

Explore new interests and try new things

Activities in the community or in a hub

We have a range of activities that you can do in your local community or in an Afford Hub. Here are some activities you can choose from.

Cooking Activities


Learn how to prepare a meal and cooking independently.

Outcome: Make your own cookbook with recipes you have cooked.

Music Activities


Learn how to play musical instruments.

Outcome: Read music, play music, and learn a song.

Community Hubs Activities Computers


Learn basic typing and work tasks using a computer.

Outcome: Develop some digital independence skills.

Healthy Minds Activities


Improve problem solving skills and build independence.

Outcome: Develop work experience skills.

Literacy and Numeracy Activities

Travel training

Learn how to read travel timetables and buy a ticket.

Outcome: Increase confidence and independence with travel.

Art and Craft Activities

Animal therapy

Spend time interacting and playing with animals.

Outcome: Enjoy connection and safe interaction with animals.

Self-funded and Fee for Service Packages

You do not have to have government-approved funding packages, such as NDIS to access our disability supports and services.

Self-funded is a way for you to pay for services with your own money. This option provides flexibility to access the supports you need if you have a one-off request, or if your government funding package does not cover what you need. You can also self-fund supports while you wait for approval of a funding package.

Fee for Service Packages are also available for people who are self-funded and would like to access our range of disability services.

Contact us to explore your funding options.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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