Support Coordination

Guiding You through the NDIS.

No matter where you are in your NDIS journey, have a chat to our friendly team today about how we can help you maximise your plan and coordinate your supports.

What our Support Coordinators Can Do For You

If your NDIS plan includes Coordination of Supports, then our experienced Support Coordinators are available to guide you and your family throughout the process. We support our customers and their families by:

  • Guiding you through the NDIS process including identifying your goals and selecting the best services to meet your needs
  • Assisting with managing a  budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements
  • Discussing in home care respite, if this is required
  • Offering support during  NDIS plan reviews
  • Navigating and utilising plans yearly, with budgets approved by the NDIS
  • Assisting with Housing Pathways – Being there for you in times of crisis

Bilingual services available!

Languages include Vietnamese, Arabic and Assyrian.

Support Coordination

The benefits of Support Coordination

Support Coordination is all about enhancing your ability to manage and direct your own services. It provides the flexibility to help you find the community, employment and accommodation options that are right for you.

You’ll be able to take advantage of benefits such as:

Co-ordination of services
Early intervention and timely service responses
Consistent monitoring of the performance of services
Increased quality and safeguards

Recovery Coaching

Afford’s Support Coordination team offers recovery coaching, designed to support people with psychosocial disability.

Working with a one on one recovery coach, we can assist you in identifying your strengths, personal abilities and aspirations, to utilise them to build effective management plans for your wellbeing.

Recovery oriented practice acknowledges that recovery is not necessarily about a cure but instead assisting people in living a full and meaningful life. It is a strength-based approach that is underpinned by strong and respectful relationships. Each person’s journey will be different.

The recovery coaches also work in partnership and collaboration with your clinical mental health services.

Specialist Support Coordination

A Specialist Support Coordinator offers a higher level of Support Coordination which may include managing complex challenges in health, education or housing.

Your Specialist Support Coordinator is likely to have a specified and relevant qualification that allows them to assist you in navigating the NDIS.

The desired outcome of Specialist Support Coordination is that complexities and barriers affecting a person’s capacity and ability to implement their plan are reduced.

We Care About You!

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