Moving into a new home comes with many emotions, but for Tim, the Trafalgar Supported Accommodation crew were there to welcome and support him. With a house tour, cake and of course a barbecue, the men quickly bonded and Tim felt right at ease.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation homes, you will meet housemates to share special memories with as well as have your own space to discover your independence.

“Tim was a bit nervous about moving in but the nerves quickly disappeared as the guys made him feel comfortable right away. They showed him the home and their rooms. It was great,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Martin Onyinkwa.

Tim moved into the Trafalgar home, because he wants to develop more independence and have new experiences. He chose to be supported by Afford on his brother’s recommendation. His brother currently enjoys living in Afford Supported Accommodation and attends an Afford Community Centre.

“His brother already knew the guys from Trafalgar so that helped put Tim at ease. Having his brother there to support him on his first day was also very special. They now live only five minutes away from each other,” continued Martin.

Jackson, Jesse and Michael were very excited to have a new housemate. They have already bonded over several shared interests and are looking forward to experiencing some new adventures.

“As a big Elvis fan, Tim loves to sing and play the guitar. We have karaoke on-site as both Jesse and Michael love music as well. They are already talking about having a disco at the house, which will be fun,” said Martin.

All of the guys also enjoy bowling and they are looking forward to introducing Tim to the local bowling alley for some friendly competition.

We can’t wait to see all the adventures this house will have in 2022! Find out more about Afford’s Supported Accommodation homes and how you can make new friends and memories.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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