Image for Leading the Way in Group Homes

Leading the Way in Group Homes

Afford supports over 100 residents in 28 Group Homes across the country. Afford is a leader in Group Homes in Australia because of our commitment to delivering The Afford Lifestyle. We go above and beyond to ensure that every resident has support to live independently, on their terms to achiev...
Image for Residents Showcase Their Individuality

Residents Showcase Their Individuality

Art is such a powerful form of self-expression. It allows us to express our feelings, memories, and dreams through colour, patterns and designs. The ladies of Afford’s Glen Alpine home have amazing artistic abilities. They are working on artworks to display at an exhibition at the end of...
Image for Spooky Fun for Woodbine Residents

Spooky Fun for Woodbine Residents

In an Afford home, residents are supported to learn more about their local community and get involved in events and activities that make them happy. Bond with Friends Last weekend, our Woodbine residents attended the Fisher’s Ghost Family Fun Day at Menangle Park t...
Image for Greek Night at Panthers!

Greek Night at Panthers!

Many of the residents living in Afford Group Homes across Australia love to get into the kitchen and cook up a storm! For the Panthers residents, they cooked up a Poseidon style storm during their Greek night at their home. Embrace your Uniqueness Archie is a Panthers re...
Image for Butterflies Explore The Secret Garden

Butterflies Explore The Secret Garden

Being active in their local community is something that the ladies of Afford’s Butterflies home love to do. Lynette, Scharni, Rachel, and Mia have forged a strong friendship and share many similar interests. Gardening is a particular passion for all the ladies. Meet Up with Fr...