Residents across Afford’s Supported Accommodation in Victoria love to lace up their bowling shoes and score some strikes every weekend at their local ten pin bowling alley. It’s a great way to access the community, foster friendships and build confidence.

Our supported accommodation homes welcome you into a family where your passions and dreams are supported.

“The guys enjoy being part of a professional bowling team and they take it very seriously. They like that it isn’t about their disability. It’s about training and succeeding with the team,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Adriana Urrea.

Paul, who currently lives at Pakenham Supported Accommodation, has been bowling for over 20 years. When he lived at the Narre Warren home with Ryan, they went to a few sessions together, which encouraged Ryan to join the team.

“I saw how much Paul enjoyed his bowling sessions, so we invited Ryan to come and check it out too. He loved it right away and after speaking with mum, we purchased his very own bowling ball, shoes and bag,” continued Adriana.

Now that they live at different houses, they are on different bowling teams. However, they love the friendly competition and enjoy cheering for each other.

“Ryan loves going to his Saturday bowling days. If he has a rough day when we get to the bowling centre, that all falls away. He is always so happy to go bowling,” continued Adriana.

At the end of 2021, they were both presented with medals for their participation throughout the year. It was a great way to celebrate their achievements and get excited about the new season.

With Afford’s Supported Accommodation, you will discover more about yourself and find the confidence to explore your passions.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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