Sometimes all you need is some unconditional love from your furry friends. Sandra from Deception Bay Supported Accommodation has been having a paw-some time visiting the local cat café. With 16 cats, it has been the purr-fect activity to help Sandra find herself and improve her overall wellbeing.

Afford’s Supported Accommodation homes take a whole-of-life approach to support residents and encourage them to engage in unique activities.

“I remember being one of Sandra’s first lifestyle assistants and she would not speak to staff and only received one-to-one support. Now, she goes out into the community, attends a community centre and no longer displays as many anxiety behaviours,” said Team Leader, Elissa Brown.

Interacting with animals, including friendly felines, can significantly improve our moods. Petting or hugging animals trigger our brains to release “feel good” hormones and caring for them can also provide us with a sense of responsibility and companionship.

“Sandra took a huge step and was very brave in trying something new by visiting the cat café. She loved her time there and has asked that it become one of her regular places to visit,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Letti Bredhauer.

Since her first visit to the café, Sandra has attended every fortnight. It has helped her step out of her comfort zone and every visit is a special meow-ment. She has bloomed into a friendly and welcoming woman who has the confidence to take on every new adventure.

“Seeing her achieve her goals has been fantastic. Hopefully, we will have a new client moving in soon, which I think will be a great next step for Sandra,” continued Elissa.

Find out more about Afford’s Supported Accommodation if you are ready to start exploring your passions and the local community.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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