What began like any other typical Saturday for Daryl quickly transformed into a fantastic display of celebration when he was awarded Afford’s NSW Resident of the year for 2021! With busy hands and joyful hearts, his housemates decorated Dolphin house and kept the secret under wraps until it was time to celebrate Daryl and surprise his family.

At Afford, we know how good it feels to be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work. Our staff will always celebrate your wins and help you reach your full potential.

“The house was buzzing as we set up the table and blew up balloons. Everyone was excited for lunch and pie for dessert. Daryl kept saying to me, ‘what is today, what is happening?’ so I told him we were celebrating a special guest,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Sherry Nazemi Azad.

There was, in fact, a special guest, his brother Malcolm, who would be joining the festivities via FaceTime. Once the house was ready and Malcolm jumped online, the team presented the award and gift card to Daryl. It was heart-warming to see the happiness and excitement on his face.

“Daryl was so happy and so were we. Everyone was clapping, laughing and having a good time. We were quite loud but it showed how much fun we had,” continued Sherry.

Afterwards, he thanked Sherry for his event and said, “I had a feeling all along that this was for me.”

Daryl has been at Afford for over 30 years and has previously received resident of the year awards in 2004 and 2008. He isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight.

While 2021 was tough, Daryl consistently demonstrated a positive attitude and embraced every challenge that came his way.

“I only started working with him around nine months ago but I have seen him achieve a lot. His main goal is to lose weight and he has shown a lot of dedication. He exercises at home and is making healthy food choices. He has also continued to work even through COVID-19 limitations as he loves going to Minchinbury ADE and seeing his workmates,” said Sherry.

In 2022, Daryl would like to continue reaching his goals and take a holiday.

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