Wellington Point Community Centre has taken their art and crafts sessions to the next level by combining them with sensory experiences and fostering individuality. Each week the program encourages participants to express their emotions, discover a sense of achievement and make special memories.

Afford Community Centres go above and beyond to provide enriching activities every day while encouraging life skills development.

“All of our clients love their arts and crafts program, especially our newest participant Samantha. She has just started with us but she is proactive in sharing ideas and making each project her own,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Debra Pratt.

The sites most recent creation was a personalised pot plant that clients could take home to their families and carers. While sharing a picnic lunch at Mount Cotton, everyone collected natural resources to use on their art project, then the following Tuesday, they got to work.

“We safely used hot glue to secure the twigs to the pots and some chose to add string or other embellishments. We then completed them with plants from our garden,” continued Debra.

The activity promoted teamwork, patience and attention to detail whilst challenging clients to use their gross motor skills and creative thinking.

The pot plants were their first art activity since returning to the community centre after Christmas break. Their last endeavour was decorating a Santa sack they filled with toys and donated to their local Kmart wishing tree.

“Using art to teach the clients about giving back to the community and sharing with others who don’t have as much as them was amazing. They understood the difference they were making,” said Debra.

We look forward to seeing clients of Wellington Point’s confidence soar as they continue to explore new innovative art projects.

Learn more about the great activities on offer at our Afford Community Centres and how you can start achieving your goals while making the most of every day.

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