For Blacktown Community Centre, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of getting into shape! Thanks to funding from Blacktown City Council’s COVID-19 community small grants, the team’s passion for all things wellness and exercise has been reignited just in time for the new year. The generous funds provided new gym equipment for the centre, which has seen clients put their best foot forward and smash their new year’s resolutions!

When you join an Afford Community Centre, you are supported to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.

“Our clients have always been enthusiastic about exercising. We would go on walks, Zumba was very popular and clients would ask to visit local gyms. Now they refuse to go anywhere else because they love what they have at our centre,” said Senior Lifestyle Assistant, Jacinta Antwi-Boasiako.

Exercising has a range of health benefits, including weight control, combating health conditions, improving your mood, promoting better sleep and boosting your energy. It’s also no secret that you have a healthier state of mind when active. Lifestyle Assistant, Collins Ofori-Nkrumah is a qualified personal trainer who enjoys sharing his expertise.

“Collins has been helping them master each machine. Then, we put on the music and dance while clients share the equipment. Everyone loves the treadmill so they have a 20-minute session, then give their peers a turn,” continued Jacinta.

Kristy and Giancarlo have been particularly enjoying working out and their motivation has inspired those around them. The parents and caregivers of the Blacktown Community Centre have also been happy with the new additions to the centre.

“When I posted some photos to our Facebook page, many parents commented. They were so impressed that this was at Blacktown Community Centre and they were surprised and excited to see the clients happy to exercise,” said Jacinta.

Even after going out in the community for activities like Monday bowling, everyone comes back to the centre eager to hit the gym!

Afford would like to acknowledge both Blacktown City Council and the NSW Government as supporters of the fitness program at Blacktown Community Centre.

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