Our team at Caboolture SLES are so proud of their trainee Connor who has just landed his first paid employment role. Since starting work at a local takeaway restaurant, Connor’s confidence has soared and he is already setting himself new goals to achieve.

Afford’s SLES provides trainees with holistic training for essential work-ready skills and facilitate work experience opportunities. These experiences give school leavers the best preparation to break into the industries they are passionate to enter.

Connor wow-ed the Sun’s Chinese Takeaway owner at his first trial shift and was swiftly hired for a casual position. However, the greatest success of all has been the fantastic boost in self-confidence and positivity that this new job has given Connor.

“When I saw Connor after his first working week, he was a whole new person. He was glowing with confidence, pride and independence. Even his mum Sarah agreed,” shared SLES Vocational Trainer, Taniel Eising.

Sarah told Taniel, “Connor jumps out of bed on his work mornings and gets ready without needing any prompting.”

Before starting in this position, SLES had set Connor up with a volunteer work placement at the local Muffin Break Café. Connor enjoyed every minute of the experience and it gave him a real insight into what he wanted in a workplace.

“Connor had shared with me that he wanted to take the next step and work in a position where he would be busy, use his hands, and make enough money to buy a car. So I got in touch with an employment agency and we found the position at Lee’s Chinese Takeaway,” said Taniel.

In his role, Connor independently prepares special fried rice, regular fried rice and packages them. In addition, he will soon be learning to master the art of preparing and cooking spring rolls.

Simon, the owner of Sun’s Chinese Takeaway, shared with Taniel, “Connor is a very hard-working young man, and I am looking forward to helping him to complete a kitchen hand certificate to further his career here.”  

Learn more about how SLES can help you decide on the best pathway for you and give you the confidence to start taking active steps towards achieving your dreams.

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