The team at Pakenham Supported Accommodation have created a new initiative in their home called ‘craft with purpose,’ where they combine their passion for arts and craft with home renovation projects. The idea sparked from wanting to enhance their backyard and find a craft activity they could complete over multiple sessions.

At Afford, we will always provide innovative and exciting ways for our clients to explore what they love and make their site their own.

“With another lockdown announced, I knew we had to do something to shake up our arts and crafts. Our backyard is elevated and we have a nice view, but the colorbond fence spoils it. I started researching ideas and that’s how I came up with the screens,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Jennifer North.

The team purchased plain bamboo screens from Bunnings and allocated one to each of the clients. They have been using spray paint to personalise their screens and once they are ready, they will line the backyard fence.

“We are big sports fans, so Jodie has painted hers in the Melbourne Storms NRL team colours and Paul has painted his in the Hawthorn Hawks AFL team colours. We have used paper cutouts to spray on shapes like flowers and guitars. For Jason, we are experimenting with cutouts to add some fake flowers and bring a three-dimensional element to it,” continued Jennifer.

When the screens are complete, the maintenance man has offered to attach them to the back fence and the team plan to add some solar fairy lights and give it a magical atmosphere.

“This activity has been much more than just painting. These guys are having such great conversations with each other while they paint, they are learning new skills, helping each other and it has brought a real sense of belonging to the home,” said Jennifer.

It is amazing what you can achieve with a little creativity and this will become a fun memory to look back on every time they step into their backyard.

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with support, guidance and friends by your side.

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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