Our Victorian residents have demonstrated unwavering resilience, determination and positivity as the state officially surpasses its 200th day of lockdown. Rishi from Forest Oak Supported Accommodation has been a shining star throughout it all and has used this downtime to improve many life skills. 

Living the Afford Lifestyle at one of our supported accommodation sites means you always have support available so you can live your best life and see the positives of every day. 

A fantastic part of the dynamic at Forest Oak is how the housemates inspire each other every day. For instance, after seeing David successfully master his cooking skills, Rishi felt motivated to branch out of his comfort zone and try his hand at dinner duties. 

“It is great to see Rishi constantly improving his independent living skills. He is happy and excited when he hosts dinner,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Rahul Puri. 

Rishi’s passion lies in music and he is an accomplished guitarist. However, when preparing dinner, Rishi found that his fine motor skills on the guitar transfer to slicing and dicing vegetables. 

His tuna and cherry tomato pasta were a hit with everyone and he even remembered to use dairy-free cheese when serving the dish to one of his housemates with dietary requirements. 

Another fantastic accomplishment for Rishi has been building his confidence in riding his bike in the local area. 

“He has been bike riding in the past, but Rishi has been feeling uneasy about it for some time. So, everyone was excited when Rishi agreed to head out for a local ride. Even though he started slowly, he was soon enjoying himself,” said Lifestyle Assistant, Belinda Whelan. 

Seeing residents make the most of these challenging times and work on their goals inspires everyone around them.  

At Afford’s Supported Accommodation, residents are encouraged to develop their independence and engage in various programs through our whole-of-life approach.  

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Is there anything missing on this page? Please let us know

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